Citizen Spotlight: Jamond Foree

Jamond Foree of the YMCA

Jamond has worked for the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati (a WeTHRIVE! partner) since 2008. He is currently AfterSchool Site Coordinator at the Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies (AMIS) and a Trainer for the CATCH program (Coordinated Approach to Children’s Health).

Jamond grew up in Bond Hill and Hartwell. He now lives in Mt. Healthy.

Interesting Fact:
Jamond has always been involved in the theater. He graduated from the School for Creative and Performing Arts and went on to study theater at Judson University. Look for him onstage in community theater productions!

Making a Difference:
Jamond leads a staff of six at the Y’s AfterSchool program (serving 120 kids) at AMIS, a Cincinnati Public School. He is passionate about using the CATCH program to get kids moving. It's easy to see how much he loves his work and cares about the students. His strategies include:

  • Using CATCH games and activities to get ALL students involved: “It’s a big concern of mine that the child who needs the most exercise doesn’t get it because they feel like they can’t do it, or they are not good enough or athletic enough. CATCH meets the kids where they are...the activities are all-inclusive and everybody’s moving and excited.”
  • Combining physical activity with education: “For example, we do relay races where the kids run up and have to answer a question…They are getting physical activity and their reading or math enrichment for the day.”
  • Reaching out to challenging kids: Jamond has examples of kids with behavior issues who flourish with CATCH activities. “Even the student who struggles to focus is able to channel their energy and get the job done.”
  • Sending the message home: Jamond encourages parents to get the whole family active for one hour per day when they would normally watch TV or play video games.

Jamond also shares his experience and enthusiasm by teaching other YMCA employees how to run the CATCH program. He is a great example of helping others to THRIVE!

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February 26, 2015