Community Spotlight: Amberley Village

WeTHRIVE! Community Recognition Event at the Woodlawn Recreation Center
The Community:

Amberley Village

WeTHRIVE! Champions:

Tom Muething, Merrie Stillpass, Jim Rulli, Natalie Wolf


Environmental Health and Chronic Disease

How Amberley Thrives:

  • WeTHRIVE! Community: On August 11, 2014 Amberley Village reaffirmed its commitment to WeTHRIVE! by adopting the Overall WeTHRIVE! Resolution.
  • Amberley Village is working on both the Environmental Health and Chronic Disease pathways. Each pathway has a different team made up of council and community members.
  • Pedestrian safety is a priority within the Village. Through a partnership with the police department there will be ongoing community education, changes to the environment, and enforcement of traffic laws.
  • Amberley Village is the first community working on the Environmental Health pathway. They completed an assessment, developed an action plan, and adopted the Environmental Health Resolution. Below are some of the activities they will accomplish in the next two years:
    • Community education on the importance of the stormwater and ways to improve water quality in the Village. Pilot projects will be identified and implemented to improve the water quality in the Village.
    • Increased resident awareness of recycling and composting.
    • Community wide educational campaign on aspects of a healthy home.

In their own words:

What is your team’s vision for the community? The WeTHRIVE initiative has allowed Amberley Village to offer options to our residents to live a healthier lifestyle and to receive information about these options. We want to continue to offer such options to our residents.

What has your community gained from becoming a WeTHRIVE! community?- We have benefited a lot from the WeTHRIVE! process. It has helps us identify assets that we already have and we have benefitted from focusing on extending those assets.

What did your team like best about the WeTHRIVE! initiative?- The rigor of the process is excellent and then the process also leads to real ownership of the action plan.

Why should other communities becomes a WeTHRIVE! Community? There is only upside potential to become a WeTHRIVE! Community. Communities will likely identify a few things that they really want to focus on and these will provide value to its residents.

Quote:The WeTHRIVE! process is a very valuable process; it helps to focus the attention on what needs to be done, and then it is our role to find ways to move forward in a financially responsible way.” – Tom Muething, Mayor

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January 12, 2016