Business Spotlight: Stuffie's Market

Joe Martin, co-owner of Stuffie's corner store in Lincoln Heights, standing next to the new fresh produce display.
Joe Martin, co-owner of Stuffie's Market

Stuffie’s Market opened in April 2011 and is located at 1420 Shepherd Lane in the Village of Lincoln Heights.

Lincoln Heights has a population 4,300. With no full service grocery store nearby, residents of Lincoln Heights and surrounding communities have very limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy food options. General Electric employees and travelers on I-75 are also Stuffie’s customers.

WeTHRIVE! Contacts:
Joe and Brenda Martin co-own Stuffie’s Market with John and Anita Wilkerson. They worked with WeTHRIVE!’s Healthy Corner Store Initiative to offer and promote fresh fruits and vegetables to their customers. More healthy food and beverage options are planned.

How Stuffie’s Market THRIVES!: 

  • Fresh Produce Front and Center: Fresh fruits and vegetables have replaced the candy display as one of the first things you see when entering the store. Prepared salads are also available.
  • Community Health: Joe and Brenda feel strongly about helping the residents of Lincoln Heights and all their customers have the opportunity to eat healthy and make healthier choices. Customers are now requesting certain healthy items.
  • Right Supplier: With Stuffie's smaller inventory, it was challenging to find a supplier willing to work with them. PIC's Produce stepped up and and has been a key partner in this effort.
  • Partnerships: Two University of Cincinnati architecture students, John Meyer and Kate Bogenschutz, worked with Stuffie’s to design and construct a low cost wood produce display. The students volunteered their time and talents to complete the project.
  • Youth Involvement: 260 students from Lockland Elementary School, Lockland Middle School and Lincoln Heights Elementary School participated in an art contest to promote the new healthy food options at Stuffie’s. The winning artwork is on display in the store and has helped draw attention to the fresh produce.

In Their Own Words--Joe & Brenda Martin:
“We care about the people we are serving and want to make sure they have healthy options available to them. We do not want to be a one-dimensional convenience store and feel it is important to have items that promote our customers’ wellbeing. WeTHRIVE! has helped us accomplish this and we feel good about what we are doing.”

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February 26, 2015